Eva Díez

1982 · Spain

Artist biography

Eva Díez is a young spanish photographer whose work can be described as "photopoetic" because of the clearly lyrical intentionality that her photographic series reveal. In them, she plays with the symbolism of light, reflection and the aesthetics of ruin to give way to a reflection on the timeless image of the home.

All her production shows a marked scenographic character that has become more and more subtle, to focus mainly on the purity of the concept of the habitability of space. In her photographs, references to Bachelard's poetic daydreaming are frequent, bearing in mind the symbolism of the home as a plastic metaphor of our unconscious, a stimulus for memory and imagination.

Eva Díez has exhibited in museums, fairs and contemporary art galleries in Spain, France, Portugal and Brazil and has received awards such as the ENAIRE Foundation Youth Photography Prize in 2020, the Galicia Contemporary Photography Prize 2015, the Art Photo Bcn 2015 Prize and the LUX ORO National Professional Photography Prize, also in 2015.

Eva Díez

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