Emily Furr

United States

Artist biography

Furr’s work references the feminine archetype, which she seeks to restore by working against the current phallocentric age and issuing in a new yonic era. If a phallic signifier points to action, explosion, and fortitude, a yonic signifier points to the subconscious, the sublime, and the cosmic void. A phallus points outward, a yonis inward. If the phallic is physical, the yonic is celestial. It is a portal into the dark unknown.

Furr’s representations of the phallic and yonic are straightforward: sharp, hard, pointy objects piercing round ones, or tongue-like protuberances extending out of pipes. The tightly painted images either fit snugly into the painting’s confines or else they are cropped. The palette, which can be divided into daytime and nighttime colors, both hot and cold, includes reds, blacks, blues, whites, and various tonalities of green. The paint is pasty and brushed on.

Emily Furr

  • Exhibitions 6

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