Elisa Terroba

1986 · Spain

Artist biography

The main raw material of Elisa Terroba's objectual artwork is books, which she manipulates into something else, often suggestive and metaphorical sculptural pieces that are even more than visual poems. An example of this is her well-known work "1984" made in 2010: in a copy of the homonymous book by Georges Orwell, the artist carefully carves a concavity that simulates a photographic lens and embeds inside it a micro camera that, once connected to a computer, shows in a web, in real time, everything it sees... or monitors. The artist makes us understand at a glance all the updated meaning of the book.

Elisa Terroba (Málaga, 1986) disassembles language and books to reassemble them in a different way, deconstructing and perverting their structures in order to generate mutant discourses and forms that remind us of the hybrid reality currently experienced by books and how language is modified in the digital society.

The new structures she generates (objectual sometimes, digital other times) make the literal narration of the original text disappear in order to expand and reveal the infinite variables of its content. Thus, her books, converted into objects and visual poetry, narrate things other than their own arguments. In a time when books are no longer "an extension of memory and imagination", through the reification of their code, the artist investigates the "cooling" they suffer as objects in the digital era and the displacement of human memory to other media.

The artist supports her conceptual discourse with references to avant-garde and the most contemporary digital art, establishing bridges between past and present and making new interpretations of tradition with a plastic language often inspired by elements of the most utopian industrial design and a very careful technical resolution: "Half of my artistic work is dedicated to develop my own tools and to seek the best technical resolution for the idea I want to carry out".

Elisa Terroba

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