Dominic Dispirito

1982 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Within a two-dimensional plane Dominic Dispirito creates bizarre characters that inhabit a three-dimensional scene. His characters live in an artificial looking world of brilliant colours, including unnatural skin colours of blue and grey. Dispirito’s bold and unique paintings are first created digitally, on his iPhone, before translating them into analogue paintings on canvas.

Born in London in 1982, Dispirito lives and works there to this day. In 2017, Dominic Dispirito was awarded his Master of Fine Arts from London’s Slade School of Fine Arts, of which he has attributed much of his artistic growth and language.

Dominic Dispirito has enjoyed solo and group exhibitions in London, England and Los Angeles, California. After graduating in 2017 that same year he was also awarded the Bruce Maclean Prize as well as the Adrian Carruthers Studio Award. In 2018 he was nominated for the Dentons Art Prize.

Dominic Dispirito

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