Divo Cavicchioli

1924 - 1996

Artist biography

Divo Cavicchioli was a visual artist, Born in 1924, Divo Cavicchioli passed away in 1996. Artists like Bernard Philip Batchelor, James Bansac, Dorothy Bohm, Bradut Covaliu, and Fedor Michajlovic Baranovskij were also born in 1924.

Further Biographical Context for Divo Cavicchioli

Divo Cavicchioli was born in 1924, grew up during the 1930s and was influenced by the artistic atmosphere of the time. Throughout the 1930s, many political ideologies such as Marxist Socialism, Capitalist Democracy, and the Totalitarianism of both Communism and Fascism were engaged in struggles for power, and epitomised the political atmosphere of the era. n Europe, Surrealism continued to be prevail, and had grown to have influence across the globe. Leading artists took the ideas posed by Surrealism and incorporated them into their radical political philosophies, creating a new kind of magic realism. This was exemplified in the work of artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera in Mexico.

Divo Cavicchioli

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