Diana Wunsch


Artist biography

Diana Wunsch seeks to imbue the viewer, as well as the space where the work is contained, with positive energy. Inspired by an intense dream, she was able to discover the golden element of her artwork and realize its healing ability through its profound ability to emit positive energy and recharge both the mind and body. Finding her life strengthened again by the presence of her artwork in its new state, Wunsch looks now to share this positivity with others in order to help them improve their own lives as well as create a world that is a bit more bright, shiny, and happy.

Wunsch emphasizes that gold is not only endowed with waves which transfer to the human body, and as such radiates positivity directly to us, but also that, since gold personifies the sun, it is able to produce feelings of protection. She then couples this idea with the theory of divine geometry and its connection to human beings’ sense of well-being and faith in a perfect order containing all chaos. She therefore hopes that by creating her art and placing it in spaces that humans frequent, these ideals and feelings present in the elements of the artwork will positively influence the thinking, being, and feeling of the viewers.

Diana Wunsch

Summer Idyll
Group Exhibition
Agora Gallery · New York, United States
Jun 26 – Jul 16, 2019