2006 · Spain

Artist biography

Democracia is an artistic collective established in 2006 between Pablo Espana and Ivan Lopez. Based in Madrid, Democracia seeks to use their art as a tool for social and political intervention in the larger discussion of capitalism and world order. As such, Democracia sits at the cutting edge of contemporary art.

Wanting to examine the growing clashes of culture in our modern work, Democracia uses their art to unsettle their viewers in an effort to pull forth a deep, emotional reaction. Their recent project, for example, Eat the Rich/Kill the Poor, which was a collaboration with Art-Bus, pulls imagery from a Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote that examined the inequalities between social classes. Emblazoning this prose on the side of a Hummer stretch limousine to use for shuttling patrons at the 2010 Armory Show in New York, Democracia’s work encouraged a critical dialogue regarding the dynamics between want and excess in our consumer-oriented culture.

Since Democracia’s creation, their works have been featured in various venues across Europe, including at the 10thIstanbul Biennial (2007) and at the Salvador Díaz Gallery in Madrid (2008).


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