David Hockney

1937 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

David Hockney is one of the most renowned British artists of the 20th century. He is internationally recognised for his prolific serial Cubist-stylised paintings of swimming pools, portraits and blooming landscapes. Born on July 9, 1937 in Bradford, United Kingdom, David Hockney studied the Royal College of Art in London. He studied under the influence of both Francis Bacon and Peter Blake, but also mentioned Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse as inspirations.

His pictorial work mixes with a variety of photography, collage and opera posters. David Hockney is inspired by Cubism, Abstract Art and open-air paintings of the English countryside. The paintings are structured through the use of a bright colors palette framed into simple forms. Hockney’s art aims to explore the representation of space and the ways of feeling it. He is fascinated by the functioning of memory and the major role it plays in the perception of the world. His innovative work The Joiners recreate this process of perception, the complete image is based on the collage of several small images that our eye captures and then assembles. Hockney’s exploration of perception is nurtured by the adding of photography’s effect on painting such as in A Bigger Splash (1967).

His painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool With Two Figures) was sold for a record-breaking $ 90.3 billion at Christie's, making it the most expensive painting by a living artist. Hockney’s works are internationally exhibited in major museums including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

David Hockney

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