Daniel Van Straalen

1987 · Netherlands

Artist biography

“Through my work I question the importance of authenticity in a world that’s become dominated by the internet. Does it even matter what’s ‘real’ and what’s ‘fake’, or who’s the first to come up with a certain idea? I think that these questions are outdated: without appropriation, progress would be impossible”.

Daniel Van Straalen is a mixed-media artist from the Netherlands. Born in May, 1987, Straalen studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art ,The Hague (KABK) before beginning ‘Dirty Art Department’ at Sandberg Institute. With particular focus on the appropriation of art and media with the internet, Straalen is inspired by meme culture and the concept of authenticity, experimenting with “lightness” as a necessary framework for art to achieve freedom in his work.

Daniel Van Straalen

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