Claire Milbrath

1989 · Canada

Artist biography

Contrasting ethereal human forms with saturated landscapes and locales, Canadian artist Claire Milbrath exhibits a unique style in her artist commentary on contemporary life.

Adopting an artistic style reminiscent of Henri Matisse in her incorporation of large swaths of lush color to construct her compositional space, Milbrath updates that coloristic tradition by incorporate vignettes relating to unrequited love, sexual frustrations, or general disappointment. She conveys this visual contrast between the use of these bold background colors versus the soft washes of color employed for her figures to suggest perhaps the transience of such challenges or perhaps to allude to the transience of life itself.

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1989, Milbrath earned her BA in History from Concordia University in 2012. She has been actively exhibiting her work in recent years in both solo and group exhibitions. Some recent solo showcases of her work include “Crome Yellow” and “Poor Gray: Domestic Scenes” at Steve Turner in Los Angeles (2017). Milbrath currently is based in Montreal, Quebec.

Claire Milbrath

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