Cian Dayrit

1989 · United States

Artist biography

Cian Dayrit is an artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. His practice involves counter cartography, revising historical and political narratives, and excavating ancient mythologies.

His cartographic projects Exposition (2016), which worked with the historical collections of the Lopez Museum and Library (Pasig, Philippines), and Atlas of the Global South (2016), a series of collaged and symbolic paintings, show how empire scored out the maps of the modern world, how its aftermath perpetuates industrial development, and how alternative territories might be imagined from the ground-up. Informed by the experience of colonialism from the perspective of the Philippines, Dayrit’s work nonetheless resists being fixed to a specific position or location.

Dayrit studied painting at the University of the Philippines, and won an Ateneo Art Award in 2017. Solo exhibitions include “Allegories of Nation-Building” at Kaida Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines (2018); “Busis Ibat Ha Kanayunan (Voices From The Hinterlands)” at Bellas Artes Outpost, Makati City, Philippines (2017); “Atlas of the Global South” at Kaida Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines (2016); “Spectacles of the Third World” at Tin-Aw Gallery, Makati City, Philippines (2015); and “The Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex” at U.P. Vargas Museum, Quezon City, Philippines (2013). In 2017–18 he participated in the New Museum Triennial “Songs for Sabotage” in New York and Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh, as well as in group exhibitions at ParaSite, Hong Kong, Hammer Museum, L.A., and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

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Cian Dayrit

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