Chiharu Shiota

1972 · Japan

Artist biography

Creating deeply evocative and striking visceral, large-scale installation works, Japanese multimedia artist Chiharu Shiota is a master of controlling her viewer’s environments.

Haunting the viewers of her work with the tangled web of references and memories that she incorporates into these massive installations, Shiota weaves with material such as yard to create a physical connection between objects. The result is a rich network, not that distinct from neural connections in the brain, that allows viewers to explore the map of Shiota’s creative process. Resulting are interior installations that tackle the big questions of life and invite viewers to tap into and contemplate these questions as a key part of the human condition.

Shiota studied at Seika University in Kyoto, Japan, before she undertook a residency at the Canberra School of Art in Australia. She relocated to Germany in 1996 and has since become an international sensation for her dynamic, deeply personal creations. Her work was featured at the 2015 Venice Biennale within the Japanese pavilion, and she has been the recipient of awards such as the Audience Choice Award from The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art. She has enjoyed a multitude of solo exhibitions of her work, including “Uncertainty Journey” in Berlin (2016); “Body Media II” in Shanghai (2017); and “Line of Thought” in Bad Hamburg (2019).

Chiharu Shiota

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