Cb Hoyo

1995 · Cuba

Artist biography

Reviving the neon cultures and graffiti aesthetic of later twentieth-century art, Cuban artist CB Hoyo revisits this tradition to develop his own artistic voice.

The bold pops of color and Warhol-esque references that Hoyo incorporates into his work might be seen by some as an homage to past masters, however, for Hoyo these references are part of his conversation with these figures. His background as a self-taught artist means that these past voices serve as his only teachers, and thus by using the language of their work Hoyo has developed his own unique manner of conveying the joy and brightness that he sees in the world.

Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1995, Hoyo is a self-trained artist that spent his youth in the Dominican Republic and Europe. He has enjoyed the exhibition of his work around the world in various locations. Recent solo exhibitions include “Fake Rothko: Imitate Modern” in London, England (2017); “One Arts Club: Fake Like Judas” in Milan, Italy and “CB Hoyo, Made in China” in Hong Kong (2018); and “Nothing is Real Nothing is Fake It's all Relative” in Antwerp, Belgium (2019).

Cb Hoyo

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