Caroline Gavazzi

1971 · Italy

Artist biography

Caroline Gavazzi is an Italian/French photographer who studied photography at Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris and at the London College of Communication in London (LCC). She was recently awarded two prestigious prizes for her work; the Proposta Mia Award at the Mia Photo Fair 2017 in Milan, and the Grand Prize at the Fix Photo Festival 2017 in London. She will have a show of her work at the Milan gallery Glauco Cavaciuti Arte later this year.

Currently, Caroline Gavazzi focuses on a genre of photography she classifies as Plastic, inspired by her culture and sensitivity. Overcoming a realistic vision, she tackles different subjects with a markedly symbolic take, often concentrating on the act of revealing what is concealed beneath appearance. To obtain this result, she carefully researches her projects, seeking original and non-repetitive solutions. She designs photographic installations that draw on three-dimensional effects and on the visual displacement created by layers of material, thus involving spectators, inducing them to approach and critically share the questions that her research produces on being and on her problematic relationship with reality. Caroline Gavazzi currently works and lives between Milan and London.

Caroline Gavazzi

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