Caroline Achaintre

1969 · France

Artist biography

French artist Caroline Achaintre is a master of textile manipulation, and her incredible body of work showcases the ways in which she can take the bold forms and brash colors of movements like Expressionism into a woven realm.

Pulling in the visual language of the mask in many of her works, Achaintre offers a fascinating contemplation on the traditions of cloaking and transforming the self with such accoutrements. To be sure, Achaintre’s works are not to be worn, but the forms she conjures encourages the viewer of her work to consider what such a masked perspective might do to perceptions of reality.

Born in Toulouse, France, in 1969, Achaintre was raised in Germany and later studied at both the Chelsea College of Arts and the University of London. Today she calls London home but showcases her work around the globe. Recent solo exhibitions include those at the Limbo Arcade Gallery in London (2016); the Museo de Arte Precolombiano, Quito, Ecuador (2017); the Dortmunder Kunstverein (2018): and Belvedere 21 in Vienna (2019).

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Caroline Achaintre

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