Brian Harte

1978 · Ireland

Artist biography

Embracing the power of the abstract language of painting, Irish artist Brian Harte has developed a body of work that plays with the viewer’s sense of space and compositional depth. In doing so, Harte creates a space in which form and spatial relationships take on new meaning.

Often establishing a clear horizon line that seemingly establishes a sense of order in the work, Harte then takes the viewer on a wild ride through various references that artfully converge on the surface of his composition. These frenetic explosions of action – typically set again large, uniform fields of color in the background, make Harte’s work strikingly compelling as part of the new wave of abstract aesthetics.

Born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1978, Harte graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, in 2002. Since then he has been building an international artistic reputation with the showcase of his work around the globe. In addition, he has garnered major awards, including the Arts Council of Ireland’s Project Award.

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Brian Harte

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