Boyd Rice

1956 · United States

Artist biography

Boyd Rice lives and works in Denver, Colorado. A pioneering noise musician (mainly operating under the moniker “NON”) as well as an artist, writer, archivist, and occult researcher, Rice has proven himself an influential and provocative underground figure of the post-punk era. In 2004, Rice co-founded the UNPOP ART movement, which he remained active in until its disbandment in 2010. He has also been affiliated with The Partridge Family Temple since joining the group in the early 1990s. Previous exhibitions include: Zombie Formalism, Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York (2016); CMYK, Algus Greenspon, New York (2014); The History of Love, Germ Books and Gallery, Philadelphia (2009) ; Boyd Rice: Paintings, Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York (2007); 100 Artists See Satan, Grand Central Art Station, Santa Ana (2004); Extended Play, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York (1988); Actual Photographs, Pink & Pearl Gallery, San Diego (1986); Found Photographs, Richard Peterson Gallery, San Diego, (1984); Art of the Mesoic Period, Otis-Parsons Art Institute, Los Angeles (1980).

Boyd Rice

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