1993 · Italy

Artist biography

bn+BRINANOVARA is a duo composed by Giorgio Brina (1993) and Simone Novara (1994).

Giorgio Brina graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Brera in Milan and Simone Novara studied painting at the University of the Arts London and graduated in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan.

They live an work in Milan.

bn+BRINANOVARA are interested in generating transdisciplinary links between different ambits of research, by considering the role of the contemporary artist as the web. Their theoretical study and artistic production articulate around the question ‘how many places can an image live?’ and overcome the personal imposition for a non-authorial condition of freedom. The place as a codified space-time portion has a key role for their research, interested in transit and translation processes, indeed by being shell for the transit of images as information. The aim is to re-invent the place: to create fertile territories for the epiphany of the image. bn+BRINANOVARA looks at the forces that gave form to the cultural context for taking on a complex study onto materials and their possible recombination. Their production is characterised by artistic objects devoted to the ironic and emphatic provocation of the cultural rigour we are frequently enslaved to, inviting us to observe things from a new perspective.

Bn+BRINANOVARA is seen as an emerging contemporary artist, who originates from Italy, like other renowned artists such as Giuseppe Bergomi, Salvatore Puglia, Federico Del Vecchio, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, and Vanessa Massaro. bn+BRINANOVARA was born in 1993.

About bn+BRINANOVARA's works

bn+BRINANOVARA is regarded as a main figure in the fields of Figuration, Pop, Expressionism, Conceptual and Abstraction. In essence, figurative art is art which represents recognizable aspects of reality, or of the human figure. Although the definition seems to be rather humble, figuration still remains in its very essence more than just a portrayal of reality. Indeed, the different styles in which figurative art can be executed are endless, thus making figurative art a ground-breaking and ever changing category, in which bn+BRINANOVARA's work is mainly grounded. Some critically acclaimed artists known for their impact on figurative art include Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Pop Art is a highly influential movement which first came to be in the 1950s, across Britain and America, and can be described as both a critique and praise of mass-produced popular culture. Although the styles and mediums included in Pop Art can highly differ, going from Roy Lichtenstein reproductions of comic-strips, to Andy Warhol’s silk-screen prints of soup cans, and Richard Hamilton’s collages, the underlying most fundamental aspect remains the same – an interest in mass-production, mass-culture and popular media. With Pop Art, the spirit of popular culture is elevated to the status of high art, shifting boundaries and establishing a connection to the contemporary public never achieved before by any other movement.

Expressionism can often be considered more as an international tendency than a coherent art movement, which was particularly significant at the beginning of the twentieth century. It spanned across various fields such as art, literature, music, theatre and architecture. Expressionist artists sought to express emotional experience, rather than physical reality. World renowned Expressionist paintings include Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Wassily Kandinsky’s Der Blaue Reiter, and Egon Schiele’s Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up. Expressionism is an intricate and grand term that has meant different things at different times. However, when we speak of Expressionist art, we tend to think about the artistic tendency which emerged as a reaction to Impressionism in France, or the movement which emerged in Germany and Austria in the early twentieth century. The term is so flexible that it can accommodate artists ranging from Vincent van Gogh to Egon Schiele and Wassily Kandinsky.

Conceptual art is arguably not as clear and easily defined as other art movements, and can often provoke intense reactions in the viewers. By nature, Conceptualism puts an emphasis on the strategies and research that go into the creation, making the concept of an artwork its most significant feature, rather than the actual finished product. Although the movement emerged in the mid 1960s, simultaneously across Europe and America, its founder Marcel Duchamp had paved the way back in 1917, with his controversial artwork Fontaine. Conceptual art rejects the traditional mediums, and strives to place the artwork in the realm of ideas - rather than that of material constructions. Some of the most prominent figures of Conceptualism include artists such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono.

Historical Context of Italy

Italy has been tremendously sumptuous in cultural power since the time of the Romans, this classical period has exerted a fascinating influence on the cultural growth and identity of the country. Italy represents the realm of the Renaissance, called 'Rinascita' in Italian, signifying 'rebirth'. The Renaissance has been considered, from the early 1400s, as the first extensive flowering of cultural erudition in art, architecture, music, poetry, philosophy and politics since the Middle Ages.

In the modern and contemporary period, Italy was tormented by the fascism of Mussolini but has nonetheless endured as a vital centre for artistic expression, initiating movements such as Futurism, Arte Povera and the Minimalism related to the Zero Movement, as well as the expressive painting of the Transavanguardia. Critically acclaimed Italian artists of the twentieth and twenty first centuries include Giorgio Di Chirico, Giacomo Balla, Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Giacometti, Lucio Fontana, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Francesco Clemente and Mimmo Paladino.


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