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Birgit Hölmer is a visual artist, who originates from Germany, like other prominent artists such as Micha Bar-Am, Thomas Baldischwyler, Lisa Tiemann, Tom Fleischhauer, and Albert Fürst .

About Birgit Hölmer's works

Birgit Hölmer is giving an innovative contribution in the fields of Abstraction, Conceptual and Street art. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, many artists were hoping for a change that would allow art to be more reflective of the transitions in society happening at the time. Abstract art therefore indicates a desire to escape the more classical depictions of reality, in which artists were constrained. With the use of geometrical shapes, colours and gestural elements, artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques were able to lay the foundations for what would become an essential branch of modern art. With abstract art, objects and figures are simplified, schematised, which can arguably provide the viewer with a more spiritual experience, since the focus is not put on the material world, but implies an invitation to delve into reflection.

Conceptual art is arguably not as clear and easily defined as other art movements, and can often provoke intense reactions in the viewers. By nature, Conceptualism puts an emphasis on the strategies and research that go into the creation, making the concept of an artwork its most essential feature, rather than the actual finished product. Although the movement emerged in the mid 1960s, simultaneously across Europe and America, its forefather Marcel Duchamp had paved the way back in 1917, with his controversial artwork Fontaine. Conceptual art denies the traditional mediums, and tries to place the artwork in the realm of ideas - rather than that of material constructions. Some of the most prominent figures of Conceptualism include artists such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono.

More than just a movement, street art can be defined as a true art form, and as an essential part of modern contemporary art. Fuelled by the graffiti art of the 1970s-1980s, street art has since been in a constant flux of self-transformation, eternally shifting the boundaries and the reality of modern art. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were pioneers in demonstrating that their artworks could exist at the same time in art galleries and on city walls, thus inspiring later artists like Shepard Fairey, JR and Banksy to keep exploring and re-defining street art.

Birgit Hölmer's exhibition

Birgit Hölmer's work has most recently been displayed during the exhibition L’ARTISTE ET LES COMMISSAIRES — NOT SO A WHITE CUBE #16 at LAGE EGAL in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition was open from 11 December 2019 until 31 January 2020.

One of Birgit Hölmer's work is curently for sale on Artland.

Birgit Hölmer

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