Bertrand Flachot

1955 · France

Artist biography

Bertrand Flachot lives and works between Paris and Seine et Marne. He graduated from Ecole Nationale Des Arts Décoratifs in Paris with a degree in Scenography he got under Hervé Fischer.

Starting from a photographed landscape, Bertrand Flachot creates a living space that is progressively taken over by voracious pencil strokes, giving birth to a new, transformed image. The poetry of de- liberate ambiguity. Photography was originally closely linked to drawing, as illustrated by the findings of William Henry Fox Talbot in a book entitled ‘Pen- cil of Nature’, published in 1844. The arrival of numerical imagery ushered in a new era for images, along with new ways of linking photography and drawing. Nowadays, this hybrid mix between the two disciplines that provides a multitude of possibilities begins on a computer screen.

Bertrand Flachot

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