Aqua Aura

1969 · Italy

Artist biography

Though beginning his artistic process in photography, Aqua Aura has begun to experiment with short films, documentaries, installations, and video-sculptures. Constantly shifting concentrations to stay engaged and fresh, his work explores the sublime and challenges his audiences through involvement.

After graduating from the fine arts high school, Liceo Artistico, Aqua Aura went on to receive a degree in painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His thesis, titled Anselm Kiefer. L’altro Barocco: uno sguardo sull’espressionismo tedesco contemporaneo (“Anselm Kiefer. The other Baroque: a perspective on contemporary German expressionism”) was the beginning of a long break from contemporary art. During his years away from the art world, Aqua Aura traveled and aimed to expand his conception of the possibilities of art.

By 2009, Aqua Aura was creating art again though he believes that his training will continue throughout time by experiencing nature and traveling; as well as seeking to understand sciences such as astrophysics, biogenetics, philosophy, and the psychology of perception. To this end, he has established a collaboration with the Fondazione AriSLA (the Italian Research Foundation for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) allowing him to investigate the creation and development of scientific images.

After living and working between Milan, Italy and Akureyri, Iceland, he settled in Milan permanently in 2016, though his work continues to be exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.

Aqua Aura

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