Anthony White

1976 · Australia

Artist biography

Anthony White explores current and historical societal issues through painting, collage, and printmaking. Engaged in research on grand historical Empires and how they promote specific ideologies, White has been interested in investigating and portraying how the Roman Empire influenced the French Republic and how Japan shaped its national identity after WWII. Through gestural marking, impassioned streaks of paint cover his canvases; mirroring the shifts and breaks of geopolitical and cultural upheavals that stem from war or the immigration crisis. He has also been experimenting with less traditional methods of creation, such as rag throwing to build up paint layers and create deeper textures.

Anthony White was born in Sydney, Australia in 1976 and graduated from the National Art School, Sydney. He has lived and worked in Paris, France since 2009. White has held solo exhibitions in Sydney, Paris, London and Hong Kong. He has also been featured in several group shows such as the Personal Structures Exhibition at the 58th Venice Biennale, the Summer Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, and the 69th Salon Réalities Nouvelles, in Paris. He was also a finalist for the 2018 Glover Prize, the 2017 International Painting Symposium at The Mark Rothko Centre, and the 2016 and 2017 Paddington Art Prize for Landscape Painting.

Anthony White

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