1965 · Germany

Artist biography

NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS …………… IT IS SHINING anNBeeannbee's art deals with what people perceive, especially what they see. And that is never objective; In the case of supposedly interpretable forms, the viewer is initially steered into completely new, unknown spheres by details and structures. What is seen is questioned and there is a desire to reinterpret everything. Neither a fixed subject nor rigid artistic intentions take away the freedom in the pure effect of the pictures. Digital fragmentations are presented in analogue technology, urban elements can be found in an infinite number of layers, sometimes delicate, sometimes hard scratching paint applications. Everything appears in high gloss, the appearance that you cannot avoid.

Curriculum Vitae anNBeeannbee is introduced to differentiated thinking early on by the urban parents and expresses this creatively even at a young age. After leaving school, she lives and works in many cities in Europe and in America. In the course of studies and later self-employment, positions of visual artists are implemented in fashion before one's own positioning can be found in pictures and installations both inside and outside the public space. anNBeeannbee lives and works in Hamburg. Exhibitions (excerpts) 2019 winner of the Kottwitzkeller Art Award, HH Solo exhibition "Nothing is as it seems - it appears", HH 2018 “Grauerort” fortress near Stade; in addition, individual interview and article in the "Stader Tageblatt" 2017 Group exhibition “Street Art”; RMH St. Pauli, HH Solo exhibition "schöner schein", Limu, HH 2016 Group exhibition “Nichts reimt sich auf”; Nochtspeicher, HH 2015 Group exhibition “EATENALIVE”; RMH, HH 2014 Sandstone sculptures, Boulbon, France 1996/97independence as a designer; Creation and distribution of women's wear collections inspired by artists (Louise Bourgeois, Pierre Soulages, Yves Klein, Alberto Giacometti), participation in trade fairs and fashion shows at igedo and CPD, Düsseldorf


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