Annabelle Hoffmann


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The interplay of colors and shapes, of old and new, of clear architecture with wild street art creates new worlds. Reality exists. The glasses through which each individual looks at it is chosen by each and everyone. This lets us decide on reality‘s intensity and limits ourselves. The city, no matter which one, was shaped by the amount, diversity and tastes of its inhabitants over decades. Being an agglomeration of interests, cultures and generations they are a representation of many realities – at famous monuments as much as at far away corners. The interlocking of the photographs creates new perspectives that reflect the character of the city through one of the many show possible glasses that let everyone shape their living space. Hamburg is so much more than the word on the back of my identity card. It is passion, freedom and roots. However, at some point I was fed up with only seeing this city represented by the most standard motives like the television tower at sunset - they only showed the surface - something like the cover page of an anonymous application. A city has so more to offer than landmarks and sunsets. So I went to catch the personality of the city that seduces me since years. Lesser-known streets, sprayed garbage cans and street signs filled covered with stickers shaped the character. Many motives that at first glance don‘t catch attention, shape the character of the collages. It was important to me to underline the diversity of a city by the use of impactful colors.

Annabelle Hoffmann

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