Anna Torma

1952 · Denmark

Artist biography

Danish artist Anna Torma emphasizes the role of craft in her work, particularly the essential qualities of embroidery. In doing so, Torma reminds the world of the ongoing tensions between art forms.

Envisioning each embroidered work as telling its own story, Torma quite literally weaves a wide array of textiles into her pieces as an act of recollection of her youth but also as a sensorial experience for her audience. She pulls into these narratives an expansive array of figural references, which in turn encourage the viewers of her work to consider more carefully the role of the craft in the large artistic canon.

Born in Tarnaörs, Hungary, in 1952, Torma earned a degree in textiles from the Hungarian University of Applied Arts in Budapest in 1979. Her work has garnered international recognition in the subsequent years not only through exhibitions but also through the receipt of major accolades, including the Strathbutler Award (2008) and the Lieutenant-Governor's Award for High Achievement in Visual Arts (2014). Some of the institutions holding her work in their permanent include the Museum of Arts and Design in New York; the Foreign Affairs Art Collection in Ottawa; and the Mint Museum in Charlotte.

Anna Torma

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