Anna Ling

1971 · Sweden

Artist biography

Through restrained drawings, Anna Ling explores our internal memories as well as our external relationship to nature and others. Employing both extremely personal as well as research-oriented approaches, Ling is methodical in her work and creation, with clarity of detail as one of her work’s main characteristics. She has recently approached a limestone quarry, in Limhamn, Malmö as the subject of her inspiration. By observing the limestone walls of the quarry as a compression of over sixty million years of time, she embodies these temporal shifts through the patience in which she creates her drawings, this rumination on time and ephemerality is her gift to her audiences.

Born 1971, Ling graduated from Malmö’s School of the Arts in 2003. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in institutions such as the Nordic Watercolor Museum, the Sketches Museum, Lunds Kunsthall, Malmö Art Museum, Lillehammer Art Museum and the Latvian National Museum of Art. She has also exhibited in galleries in cities around Europe including Copenhagen, Bonn, Ljubljana, and Gothenburg. She has been commissioned for numerous public design projects, for venues such as Lund’s Ormen Långe School and Malmö’s Stapelbädden's school. She is presently based in Malmö to live and work.

Anna Ling

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