Andrew Schoultz

1975 · United States

Artist biography

Using his art as a means for crucial commentary on the modern world, American artist Andrew Schoultz explores social and political concepts through the various applications of painting, drawing, and installation works.

Borrowing the visual language of our modern world in the form of logos and brand identities, Schoultz has developed a body of work that has a playful air to it alongside a seething undercurrent of critical discourse. Schoultz accomplishes this by layering his work with various references and themes such that the viewer must untangle these threads visually.

Schoultz lives and works in San Francisco, California. His passion for art stems from his early days as a skateboarder and graffiti artist, the legacy of which is still tangible in the visual references Schoultz adds in his works. While he tends to create more large-scale installations, he also exhibits his smaller work regularly. Recent solo exhibitions of Schoultz’s work include those at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York (2016); the Galerie Droste Wuppertal in Germany (2017); and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (2018).

Andrew Schoultz

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