Andrew Birk

1985 · United States

Artist biography

Investigating the pairs between the materials of art and the subject matter they are manipulated to represent, American artist Andrew Birk creates art that shares his observations of the world around him in remarkably creative ways.

Birk has developed varied series that nevertheless unite on the themes of contextual implications and logical manifestations. Selecting aspects as elemental as the human body to as contemporary as the digital image, Birk channels both creativity and cleverness into each work he creates.

Born in Corvallis, Oregon, in 1985, Birk has enjoyed the showcase of his work around the globe and noteworthy locations. Recent exhibitions include those at include those at the Museo Del Chopo, Mexico City (2015); Malta Contemporary Art, Valletta (2017); and SORT, Vienna (2018).
Birk is based in Espinavessa, Spain, and also co-directs a gallery space there.

Andrew Birk

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