Andrea Saltini

1974 · Italy

Artist biography

Described as a “philosopher of chaos”, Andrea Saltini’s works restage the known and insert the absurd in order to disorient and disassociate their audience. The playful and surreal artist uses fairytales and legends to portray the existential anxieties of the modern man. Using both humor and realism, the work is a poignant journey through a universe both illogical and, simultaneously, real.

Born in Carpi, Italy in 1974, Andrea Saltini received his UDP Master of Arts in communication with a thesis entitled “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People”.

Saltini’s work was chosen to be displayed in the 55th Venice Biennale and has been shown throughout the world, in cities such as London, New York, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Rome, Lausanne, Paris, Edinburgh, Beijing, and Nice. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including but not limited to the VII Contemporary Art Biennale Anzio, Archaeological Museum, Anzio, Rome; Royal Scottish Academy Open Prize '16; Portrait Prize '16 official selection, Bega Valley, New South Wales; Sankta Sango Award, Castel dell'Ovo + PAM, Naples; Espacio Enter Prize, Videocreation, Tenerife; and Targa Morandi, Morandi Study Center, Bologna.

Andrea Saltini

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