André Kertész

1894 - 1985 · Hungary

Artist biography

Known for his highly emotional and evocative images, Hungarian photographer André Kertész understood the value of close, careful study of a subject. The result of this patient determination was a body of work that his heralded as being incredibly influential to the evolution of twentieth-century photography.

Working primarily as a photojournalist throughout his career, Kertész trained his eye to find the perfect perspective for each of his images. Not simply wanting portraits but rather hoping to convey the dynamism of a given moment in each frame, Kertész excelled in his ability to convey this energy and thus connect the viewer of his photographs to the experience of the subjects within.

Born in Budapest in 1894, Kertész moved to Paris as a young man to defy his family’s expectations and become a photographer. While there he became a part of the bohemian artistic circle of the early twentieth century, rubbing elbows with innovators such as Piet Mondrian and some of the figures of Dada. He landed in the United States by the midpoint of the century as he wished to escape growing persecution in Europe (Kertész was of Jewish descent) and took on work for major publications such as Vogueand House & Garden. He organized the first solo exhibition of his work at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1946 and continued to work until his death in 1985.

André Kertész

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