Andi Fischer

1987 · Germany

Artist biography

Inspired by the vigorousity with which children create art, Andi Fischer’s paintings and drawings simulate child-like naiveté. Unlike art of childhood, Fischer creates with a deep knowledge of art history, which informs the subjects of his work and adds depth to his seemingly hastily scribbled pieces.

Born in Nüremburg, Germany in 1987, Andi Fischer currently lives and works in Berlin. Having experienced some difficulties in school, Fischer worked as an apprentice for an automobile mechanic from 2002-2005, after which he moved to Berlin to pursue art and a high school degree. He just recently graduated with a degree from Berlin’s University of the Arts.

Andi Fischer has held solo shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, and Düsseldorf. He has also exhibited in group shows throughout Europe, in cities including Lisbon, London, Munich, Berlin, and Vienna. In 2018 Fischer was honored with the Toy Berlin Masters Award.

Andi Fischer

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