Ana Teresa Barboza

1981 · Peru

Artist biography

Ana Teresa Barboza (Lima, 1981), is an artist who uses weaving and other traditional craft techniques to transmit to the viewer a meditative and powerful observation of everything around her with a technique and images of unquestionable beauty.

Graduated from the Faculty of Art, she is one of the most outstanding and well-known artists of the current Peruvian panorama, with multiple exhibitions in her country, where her work is represented in important public and private collections. In recent years her work has reached Spanish and North American collections, from exhibitions in South America, USA and Europe; and she has extended studies and carried out residencies in Paris, Taipei, Geneva, Melbourne and Lima.

Her current work seeks to relearn from the work of the artisans to re-establish contact with the manual and bodily processes with which heritage, culture and images have taken shape and to show the traces left by the body and nature in them. In some works she simulates experiments that seek to recompose nature with another order, teaching us to look at it again.

Initially her work was related to the consciousness of the human body, representing it as a sectioned structure, recomposed and decorated through sewing and embroidery to reflect on its relationship with others. Later, that look moved towards her environment, to concentrate on the links that unite her with others, and her work inflects to acquire a more social character, opening up to reflect on the transformation of nature and the relationship or contact of humans with it, for which she uses embroidery and weaving to make a parallel between manual work and the processes of nature, creating structures with the thread similar to those made by a plant, for example.

Ana Teresa Barboza

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