Ana Milenkovic

1988 · Serbia

Artist biography

Remarkably dynamic in the motifs that she incorporates in her work, Russian artist Ana Milenkovic pulls from threads as varied as ancient mythology to contemporary popular culture.

Often working in oils but also frequently incorporated mixed media, Milenkovic conjures seductively simple surfaces. A closer look, though, reveals for her viewers that there is much more occurring: whether it is the minor interjection of a new pattern or motif or it is an artful hidden reference point, Milenkovic’s art reveals there is much within it to unpack.

Born in Belgrade in 1988, Milenkovic earned a BA and an MA in Fine Art from the University of Arts Belgrade, Serbia (2010 and 2012, respectively). She then went on to complete her MFA at Wimbledon College of Art within the University of the Arts London (2014). She was a finalist for the ArtLacuna Prize in London in 2013 and won the Griffin Art Prize in London in 2016.

Ana Milenkovic

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