Allan Otte

1978 · Denmark

Artist biography

Despite his young age and quick success, Allan Otte is in no rush. Otte’s paintings display the everyday, but slightly askew. Cars are overturned, a TV is covered in bullet holes, and a tree lies atop a car -- but despite such drama and rupture, calm and peace radiate from the paintings. Silence and serenity have returned as those who have experienced the traumas, and those have caused them, have left the scene. His apparent realism is shattered when we take in the thick brushstrokes that allow the viewer to take in the artist’s process.

Born in 1978, Allan Otte attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 2001-2007. He was awarded countless grants from the Danish Arts Council and the Solar Fonden Hæderslegat and was the prize winner of the Hartmann Fondens Diplompris in 2008.

Allan Otte has been commissioned for numerous public art projects for institutions such as Saxo Bank, Hellerup; Tivoli, Copenhagen; Nærum Amtsgymnasium; and Erhvervs og Byggestyrelsen, Copenhagen. His work can be found in the public collections of Aalborg’s Museum of Modern Art, the Danish Arts Council, ARKEN, and Ishøj’s Museum of Modern Art. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen.

Allan Otte

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