Alina Sokolova


Artist biography

The young Ukrainian artist Alina Sokolova rebels against the law and institutions of power and masters the expression of space and time. In her installation Heracleumfall she tells the stories of the poisonous plant Heracleum Sosnowsky, its role in society and its historical back-ground as well as her personal connection to it. Popularly the plant is called "Stalin's revenge" and it's an ideal metaphor for ideological intoxication. Because once the poisoned stem is cut down, overnight it grows with even more persistence. In different performative acts Alina Sokolova cut the plant several times down, smuggled it over the border and tried to reanimate the dead plant. The exhibition is a result of a long-term research and observation with the accent not to eradicate the usage of symbolism, rather working with the symbols in their internal meaning on a poetic level. It's an insight into a few years process of relocation, strategies, history, and observation.

Alina Sokolova

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