Alighiero Boetti

1940 - 1994 · Italy

Artist biography

Italian conceptual artist Alighiero Boetti was a master of testing the bounds between meticulous precision and undefined chance in the journey that defines his overarching body of work.

Fascinated by maps and the evolution of society through change and revolution, Boetti channeled his concept into his art. Using a bold palette and intersecting forms ranging from defined letters to loose planes of color that echo a sense of distant silhouettes, Boetti conjured dynamic compositions that served as delights that evoke a sense of visual rhythm.

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1940, Boetti launched his career by aligning himself with the Arte Povera movement in the later 1960s. A group defined by their unconventional approach to art’s creation, Boetti allowed his interests in travel and foreign cultures to infuse his work with a new sense of expression. He was an active exhibitor of his work during his lifetime and even participated in the Venice Biennale several times. He was honored with a posthumous retrospective of his work in 2017 at the Cini Foundation in Venice.

Alighiero Boetti

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