Alfredo Claros Garcia

1893 - 1965

Artist biography

Alfredo Claros Garcia was a creative artist, Alfredo Claros Garcia was born in 1893 and died in 1965. Artists like Johannes Norbertus Buning, Nicolaas Bruijnesteijn, Richard Beer, Julius Bissier, and Isidoor Boerewaard were also born in 1893.

Further Biographical Context for Alfredo Claros Garcia

Born in 1893, Alfredo Claros Garcia's creative work was largely influenced by the 1900s and 1910s. The first decades of the twentieth century were characterised by vibrant developments in pictorial art. It was the era of post-Impressionism and of experimentation, including the first forays into Expressionism and Abstraction. Many different groups of artists or loosely affiliated communities of the avant-garde in different major cities around the world evolved many modes of these significant innovations. The first twenty years of the Twentieth Century can be viewed to be among the most fruitful, and are noted as the time in art history when modern and modernist ideas began to take hold of cultural production. The new order and rationality, alongside mechanisation in modes of production, saw art’s parallel discipline of architecture develop extraordinarily in the work of designers such as Le Corbusier and Gerrit Rietveld. It was the era of the Bauhaus and the idea of a common discipline across the creative arts as a whole. Most, if not all, of the significant art movements we associate with modern and contemporary art can be viewed to source many of their crucial founding philosophies in the incredible diversity of work produced during this time.

Alfredo Claros Garcia

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