Aleksandra Georgieva

1997 · Bulgaria

Artist biography

“I like absurd stuff and silly faces” is the artistic motto of Aleksandra Georgieva, better known as @sa6ettu in the social medias.

Born in 1997, from Sofia, she graduates from the National High School for Applied Arts “St. Luke” with profile and diploma work in graphic design. After that she continues her studies in the National Academy of Arts 2016 concentrated in Books, printing techniques and illustration. As a freelance artist and illustrator, with interest in many fields of art, she works on various projects, mostly concentrating in book-making, more specifically exploring the zine as an object and conductor of her artistic ideas. With a little bitter sweet taste of sarcasm and irony she represents the world the way she sees it - filled with strange-looking interesting objects, different absurd characters, bizarre people and their everyday situations.

Aleksandra Georgieva

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