21 Nov 2019 ― 11 Jan 2020

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aquabitArt gallery | Berlin
Auguststr. 35
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Janine Mackenroth's exhibition PANGLOSSIAN in the aquabitArt gallery is a hopeful feminist but also sarcastic journey of the artist through this world and its possibilities, prejudices and obstacles. The term Panglossian is based on Pangloss, a boundlessly positive figure from Voltaire's Candide or the optimism from 1759. This story criticizes the purely optimistic world view of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and shows what consequences it may have to blindly follow the faith of benevolence. Mackenroth joins Candide's view and plays with the traditional views on artists that are still anchored in many minds today. This reality led Mackenroth to build the first nail polish painting machine in 2015. Janine Mackenroth created and patented her constructions out of the alleged inability of the women artists to paint properly, so that they could do the painting for her - according to the artist Georg Baselitz's claim "Women don't paint very well. That is a fact." in the SPIEGEL-Interview 2013. Nail polish, which due to its association and history is clearly to be assigned to women, is understood here as poured out BLACK RED GOLDEN 760 No.1, feminism on canvas.

Janine Mackenroth
BLACK RED GOLDEN 760 No.1 , 2018, 240 × 190 × 4 cm