Artist of the gallery / Hugo Stuber (ES/CH)
1 Aug ― 30 Oct 2019

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aquabitArt gallery | Berlin
Auguststr. 35
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"I was a kid when I saw these colourful worlds for the first time while vacationing on the Catalan coast. I came from a very dark, gray, industrially and economically strong city, Bilbao, where there were no such colour scenarios, but only in the amusement park. That's why these worlds seemed to me like the stage of a fantasy movie. When I grew up, I understood that they had nothing to do with toys, but claim to focus our attention on commercial purposes. I'm still interested in this conflict and that's why I've incorporated these fictive advertising worlds into the discourse and used them to escape from the weird real world into a new, fantastic reality. " Hugo Stuber, 2017

Hugo Stuber
Starchaser, 2015, 170 × 200 × 4 cm
Hugo Stuber
Visionär, 2015, 170 × 200 × 4 cm