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Noam Chomsky on David Graeber’s Pirate Enlightenment
Nika Dubrovsky speaks to Noam Chomsky about pirate societies, ‘bewildered herds’ and the fragility of the present in the context of the late anthropologist David Graeber’s final book
Art Review
A Gallery Founded By Famous Art World Heirs Is Opening in the Former CBGB Spot
Art gallery Spazio Amanatia will soon open at 313 Bowery in a reinvention its founders hope will bring the famed venue to its roots.
Art News
Introducing Dataism: the Art Movement We Need to Understand How Our World Is Shaped by Big Data
The head of the scientist-and-artist collective BarabásiLab reflects on the transformative power of data in art.
Guggenheim Museum Nixes Closely Watched $100,000 Hugo Boss Prize
The Guggenheim Museum in New York will no longer award the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize, the museum told ARTnews Friday.
Art News
Drifters of the Dreampond – Interview with Artist Buket Savci
Bushwick-based Turkish painter Buket Savci tells us about her newest series of intimate paintings reflecting on longing and hope.
Artland Magazine
Bill Brandt: The Beautiful and the Sinister
Read about the sinister and Surrealist photographs of British artist Bill Brandt.
Artland Magazine
Mary Cassatt: Story of a Radical American Impressionist in Paris
Often overlooked, Mary Cassatt was one of only three women, and the only American, ever to join the French Impressionists.
Artland Magazine
The Abstract Portraits of Joseph Lee – Interview with the Artist
Read our interview with actor and self-taught visual artist Joseph Lee.
Artland Magazine
Remembering Claes Oldenburg: From The Store to the Colossal Pop Art Sculptures
Read about Claes Oldenburg, a significant Pop artist who created enormous sculptures of everyday objects.
Artland Magazine
Issue 92
The Artlander
Es Devlin: ‘Has everything I’ve made been worth the resources? Probably not’
The multihyphenate set designer has worked with Adele, Kanye West and Beyoncé – but her new project is a shrine to endangered species whose stars are pipistrelles, planthoppers and bearded tits
Viking Women Were Power Knitters Whose Textiles Provided Vital Trade Across Europe, Researchers Say
One archaeologist has discovered that Viking women made a highly standardized cloth that was valued as a currency.
Maurizio Cattelan Responds to Copyright Infringement Lawsuit, Saying He Created Viral Banana Sculpture ‘Without Knowledge’ of Other Artist’s Work
In a new filing, his lawyers claim that Cattelan was unaware the other artwork even existed.
Art News
Here Are 5 of the Most Radical Artist Projects Breaking New Ground at the Istanbul Biennial
The 17th edition of the exhibition opened to the public on Saturday, September 17.
Ethereum Just Got Way More Environmentally Friendly–How Will the NFT Scene Change?
Ethereum just got way more environmentally friendly. On Wednesday, the team behind Ethereum upgraded its software architecture in what is referred to as “the Merge.”
Art News
Heirs of Willem De Kooning to Auction Three Works Expected to Fetch $50 M.
Three paintings from the collection of Willem de Kooning’s heirs will debut at auction this fall. The works are expected to fetch a collective $50 million at Sotheby’s.
Art News
The Lyon Biennale Has Many Big, Beautiful Works—But Too Many Competing Curatorial Ideas
The curators suggest the show's theme, "Manifesto of Fragility," positions vulnerability as "a foundation for empowerment."
Acropolis Museum President, Dimitrios Pandermalis, Dead at 82
Dimitrios Pandermalis, the president of the board of directors of Greece’s Acropolis Museum has died at the age of 82, Greece’s culture ministry said in a statement Wednesday. The cause of death was not disclosed.
Art News
You Got Rhythm: Exploring the Connection between Dance and Life
Is existence just one big dance? Choreographer Annie-B Parson’s new book certainly believes so.
The Art World’s Digital Troll Is Determined To Take Down Bored Ape Yacht Club’s $4 Billion Empire
When Bored Ape Yacht Club launched at the height of last year’s NFT frenzy, Ryder Ripps shrugged off the collection’s off-putting imagery.
Art News
The Queen and the Paddington-Fantasy Image of Britain
It is as if some spontaneous folk tradition has suddenly started flourishing, in which the late Elizabeth II and the talking bear are cosmically united
Art Review
‘Walk a day in my shoes’: teenage obesity – in pictures
Abbie Trayler-Smith has been taking pictures of Shannon since she was a teenager – she hopes to change our view of what it actually means to be obese
Art / Under the Influence Ian Cheng: How the Ideas of Eric Berne Shaped My AI Creations
The US artist discusses how the psychiatrist’s theories of transactional analysis affected his attempts to incorporate artificial intelligence into his work
Poland to ask Russia to return paintings looted by Red Army in WW2
Culture minister says ‘traces of hundreds of thousands of items lead to the Russian Federation’
Surrealist Art Is Everywhere Right Now. The Prices Are Pretty Surreal, Too
These days, surrealism is a catchall for a particular style of representational painting: figuration with a twist.
What Makes a Videogame Feel ‘Real’?
How the Milan Triennale Game Collection and The Last of Us Part 1 offer conflicting positions on what constitutes beauty
Art Review
Jean-Luc Godard (1930–2022)
Revolutionary French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, the towering figure of New Wave cinema whose innovative camerawork and eschewal of narrative order influenced generations of filmmakers, died September 13 at his home in Rolle, Switzerland, at the age of ninety-one.
Art Forum
Hit Me Where It Hurts: Where Do Pop Culture, Violence and Art Meet?
A new book examines self-injury and pain as aesthetic tools, from Gina Pane to Jackass. What lies beyond the blood, sweat and tears?
Congressional Commission Recommends the Removal or Renaming of Confederate Memorials at West Point
A monumental portrait of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee is among the memorials and markers that may be removed from display at the US Military Academy
Art News
Laure Mary-Couégnias: “I Need to Forget That I Exist When I Paint”
The artist takes five minutes out of her day to answer our eight questions. Words by Emily Steer
Brussels Is the Domain of Edgy Collectors. So Why Did the Latest Gallery Weekend Feel So Safe?
Collectors from neighboring countries and artists from around the world descended on Brussels for its latest Gallery Weekend.
Why I believe utopian climate art can turn environmental apathy into action
Artist John Munro on his pursuit of the Romantic picturesque in depictions of the climate catastrophe
The Art Newspaper
Leonora Carrington’s Market is Blazing. Now You Can Acquire One of Her Most Unusual Sculptures—a Surreal Tequila Decanter With an NFT Chaser
In the artist's later years she designed an otherworldly decanter for 1800 Tequila. Now it's on auction for the first time, exclusively on BlockBar.
The Misgendering of Joan of Arc
We know from historical records that the female-born French saint presented as a man with short black hair. Why, then, is she so damn feminine in artistic portrayals?