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Andy Warhol’s Surging Popularity in China Gets Another Boost With a Touring Show in Shanghai and Beijing

Andy Warhol visited Beijing in 1982, posing on the Great Wall and at Tiananmen Square. Informed that China didn’t have any McDonald’s, he famously replied, “Oh, but they will.” Fast-forward to the 21st century: China is McDonald’s second biggest market—and Warhol’s fame is hitting new heights. This status is reflected in the reception of “Becoming Andy Warhol,” the recent Warhol exhibition that traveled to UCCA Edge in Shanghai in November (it’s there through March 6, 2022) after wrapping its run at UCCA Beijing in the previous month. The Beijing show welcomed more than of 170,000 visitors.
Artnet 2 days ago
New Art Exhibition Questions Norway’s Trillion Dollar Oil Industry
Stavanger, Norway has been known as the country’s oil capital since the major discovery of the Ekofisk field in 1969. Further discoveries in the North Sea transformed Norway from Europe’s poor relation into one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The country’s oil fund, a giant government pension pot, is currently worth over $1.2 trillion (about $248,000 per Norwegian citizen). Oil has led to considerable material wealth for some in Norway and in other oil-producing nations. But oil has also led to vast destruction of nature and political conflicts.
‘Too Often, BIPOC Candidates Are Asked to Come with Capes on for Rescue Missions’: Museum Directors Reflect on an Evolving Profession
Perhaps the most pressing topic in the world of art and culture in the United States these days is the question of who will run the country’s museums. Between the financial constraints brought on by the pandemic and urgent matters of social justice, museums are in a tough spot: struggling to stay alive at the same time that they are thrust onto the front lines of current events. And so a panel discussion devoted to the subject at Art Basel Miami Beach on Wednesday—under the title “Re-inventing the Institution? New Museum Leaders”—drew a crowd while offering some hints as to what the future might hold.
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Billie Zangewa’s Silk Tapestries of Everyday Feminism
In the traditional craft shops in the area around Lehmann Maupin’s Seoul gallery that hosts ‘Flesh and Blood’, Billie Zangewa’s first solo exhibition in the city, jogakbo – a Korean form of patchwork quilting – can be seen in abundance. Before Korean society began to modernize in the 19th century, women sought good fortune for their loved ones by sewing (primarily at home) geometrically shaped pieces of leftover fabric into wrapping cloths. The five silk collages by Zangewa that are on display at the gallery are strangely redolent of this ongoing practice.
Frieze Magazine
Will the Artworld’s NFT Wars End in Utopia or Dystopia?
After the meteoric rise of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020, many digital artists operating outside the realm of ‘mainstream’ contemporary art rushed to embrace nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, as a means of selling their work, creating new ‘crypto’ art communities and feeding a market built on NFT platforms like OpenSea and Hic et Nunc essentially overnight. Mainstream players eager to maintain their relevance and access a fresh source of cash via ersatz coin soon ‘aped in’, triggering an interplanetary war across multiple artworlds.
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