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Top Picks from Artland’s Emerging and Contemporary Art Auction

Discover stunning works by established and emerging artists currently at auction. Bid now and secure your favorite piece!
Artland Magazine 6 days ago
The Year Ahead: The Art World in 2023
Discover the major art fairs, trends, and blockbuster exhibitions that are set to dominate the art world in 2023.
Artland Magazine
Lost (and Found) Artist Series: Lynne Drexler
Lynne Drexler left the vibrant New York art scene in the '80s for the peaceful Monhegan Island. Her paintings are now being sold for millions.
Artland Magazine
AI-Generated Art Controversy: The Future of Creativity or a Replacement for Human Talent?
AI created a frenzied interest in its unparalleled capabilities. But what does it mean for art and human creativity?
Artland Magazine
The Other E. E. Cummings: The Poet’s Modernist Paintings
Read about E. E. Cummings, the famous 20th-century experimental poet who was equally drawn to visual art.
Artland Magazine