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Noam Chomsky on David Graeber’s Pirate Enlightenment
Nika Dubrovsky speaks to Noam Chomsky about pirate societies, ‘bewildered herds’ and the fragility of the present in the context of the late anthropologist David Graeber’s final book
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A Gallery Founded By Famous Art World Heirs Is Opening in the Former CBGB Spot
Art gallery Spazio Amanatia will soon open at 313 Bowery in a reinvention its founders hope will bring the famed venue to its roots.
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Introducing Dataism: the Art Movement We Need to Understand How Our World Is Shaped by Big Data
The head of the scientist-and-artist collective BarabásiLab reflects on the transformative power of data in art.
Guggenheim Museum Nixes Closely Watched $100,000 Hugo Boss Prize
The Guggenheim Museum in New York will no longer award the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize, the museum told ARTnews Friday.
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