Young man with a pipe

Young man with a pipe

The small oil painting by Franz von Defregger, purchased in November 2015 in an auction in the US, shows the portrait of a young man in a Tyrolean costume, looking with a stern expression at the viewer with a pipe between his lips. The original 19th century frame has been replaced by a new one. The back of the painting has been preserved with strong paper. A paper label refers to the frame maker in Oakland.

After removing the frame a postcard sized photograph appears on the back of the painting, carefully inserted in a plastic folder, sticking on the board. The photograph shows a black and white image of the painting. On its back the authenticity of the painting is confirmed in a few words, dated July 29, 1942, certified and signed by Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf.

According to the auction catalogue, the Defregger painting was part of an estate, including further works by famous artists of the 19th century “Munich School”, such as Gabriel von Max, Albert von Keller, Ludwig von Zumbusch, Mathias Schmid und Eduard Grützner. In addition, the provenance was mentioned in the catalogue: Estate of Fred and Annelies G.

Annelies G., nee Mayer passed away in the early Summer of 2015, at the age of 95. Both Ms. G. and her late husband Fred, who died in 1993 at the age of 85, were born in Munich. In 1940 they were able to emigrate from Germany to the US where they changed their previous names „Fritz und Anneliese Grünhut“.

Fritz Grünhuts parents Oskar und Jenny Grünhut remained in Munich. In 1942 they were deported with transport II/20 to Theresienstadt. Jenny Grünhut was murdered in Theresienstadt in September 1942, her husband Mann Oskar in May 1943.

The day of their deportation was July 29, 1942. On the same day Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf issued the Certificate of Authenticy of the Defregger painting.

A detailed documentation will be on display during the exhibition.

Young man with a pipe

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