Young Angry Confused

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Young Angry Confused

Giacomo Modolo's work has been followed by me since the artist's studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and even before officially opening the CRAG gallery.

His is a research in constant evolution, sincere but hard, serious. He works with skill, with curiosity, with attention to what surrounds him. It is not always immediate, but, in my opinion, in his works there is really the artistic vein and that quid pluris that not all artists have, for better or for worse.

We have decided to present to the public of Artland "Young, Angry and Confused" exhibition solely of portraits, small and medium format, significant of the artist's production from 2015 to 2020.

The art works are made on canvas or on paper and we consider them "detail works" that formalize passages of stylistic and pictorial research. It is a spin-off on his path, with the fucus on the Portrait.

In most cases these are young people looking for their own identity, without a clear narrative reference or historical context; however the artist is inspired by young people or characters he sees or knows, combining sometimes cold figures with mocking smiles and intense looks.

Over the years, portraits have allowed the artist to experiment with gesture and matter within the formal perimeter of the face. This has allowed him also to find evolutions, revolutions and contradictions that I invite you to discover.

In the current path, the perimeter has opened up, leaving space also for the landscapes, often in abstraction.

Young Angry Confused

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