Wietske van Leeuwen     Carolein Smit

Wietske van Leeuwen Carolein Smit

Wietske van Leeuwen

"The strength of van Leeuwen’s work lies in the unity that she achieves among the various historicizing elements, as well as a balanced 'historical' use of colour. The glazes evoke sensations from the matt surfaces of shells to the smooth juiciness of lemons. Like a seventeenth-century painter, she combines different elements to maximize the contrast in colour and texture. All this makes her work impossible to place - each piece is a melancholy treasure.”

Carolein Smit “The images of Carolein Smit (NL 1960) intentionally mislead the viewer. On the one hand, they express vanity and greed in a way that is immediately recognizable and both humorous and repulsive. Yet while her ceramic sculptures explore these treacherous themes, they are still somehow endearing. Graceful and elegant forms combine with disturbing and even vulgar motifs, creating a fascinating game of attraction and repulsion. Carolein Smit’s work is characterized by a lovingly detailed treatment of the material and the humorous yet vulnerable appearance that imbues her objects.”

Wietske van Leeuwen Carolein Smit

  • Brutto Gusto's Exhibitions 14
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