Where the Wild Things Were

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Where the Wild Things Were

Artwork, like memory, allows us to travel elsewhere. It serves as a physical proof of past and present people, places, and histories. It makes the visible the invisible. Through it we can fall back onto the innate power of imagination and reach backwards through time to tap into our own rich imaginations and revisit the simple joys of childhood.

This digital exhibition, named in honor of the beloved children's classic Where the Wild Things Are, features contemporary works by Beth Cavener, Kim Simonsson, Shari Mendelson, Nick Weddell, Aneta Regel, and Rem Denizen. It will also include a selection of historic works including pieces by Sarah Bernhardt, Alfred Daguet, Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, and Walter Schnackenberg.

Through these ceramics and sculptures we are reexamining the brilliance of small things, the thrill of the fantastical, and the delightful power of detail.

Such an assembly of artworks does more than help us to escape— it is equally capable of helping us to reconnect to our present. If ever there was a time to give in to nostalgia it is now, for nostalgia is not a bad thing: the human mind is made up of memories.

Where the Wild Things Were

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