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Waiting for

In February 2020, the artist will open a personal exhibition in the PAN Museum in Naples. On this occasion he will present new works, the result of the search for the essential, where color will no longer be the protagonist. Omar Hassan does not abandon his gestures, but rereads his art with an eye to the origins, recalling the teachings received. The exhibition "Waiting for" is nothing but a prelude to change and a taste of what the Neapolitan show will offer to spectators. Time, as an imperceptible constant, but always present. Time, as a unit of measurement of the human being. The pictorial Gesture that tries to trace the past and what passes. For Omar Hassan, everything we do and who we are is divided into times, moments and stories. The obsessive scanning of time is repetition of actions and gestures in everyday life. "I feel the need to transcribe this invisible passage of our time ... almost a responsibility, an obligation, a commitment made with the world to leave a mark through time and time"

The exhibition, organized and curated by Isorropia Homegallery in collaboration with Ida Pisani's Prometeo Gallery, will be held in a private place, a bourgeois residence in the heart of Turin. The works will be the protagonists of the domestic space, replacing the private collection that usually lives undisturbed. Laura's prestigious residence in Turin will for a few days become a meeting place for artists, collectors, gallery owners and art lovers. Omar Hassan will also be present in Artissima, again with Ida Pisani's Prometeogallery.

Waiting for

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