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Virtual Summer

Raúl Cordero’s paintings are reduced from initial levels of information. The pictures are blurry and deconstructed into horizontal stripes, while the texts are rendered in a typography the artist has designed out of dots, bringing their characteristic almost to the nature of a drawing.

Something about Raúl Cordero (to mislead) words by Flavio Garciandía:

For Raúl, the ancestral craft of painting is a statement solved with a challenging, impeccable academic technique. Ruthless perhaps. The Warhol-like rictus of repetition is fulfilled in Raúl as spontaneous and unnatural cynicism, as a finely calculated ambiguity. One wonders what’s for… As in the fable of the sage who indicates a star and the fool looks at his finger, Raúl points to the measures, surely arbitrary, of the wonderful and precious works of other artists; "this painting of mine has exactly the same measurements of such a painting by Van Gogh" for example…

Raúl’s work is the legitimate child of the internet, of information (basically about art) sophisticated, copious and sometimes useless. That is why he is anti-nationalist, anti-traditionalist and rejects any activism of any color.

Virtual Summer

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