In this exhibition, Ono’s first solo show at the gallery, the artist continues her exploration of utopian architecture. Ono's view on Japan, her native country, as a place suspended between East and West, is reflected in the work she creates.

With a national preference for the formal, ritual, and societal standardizations, Japan and the former Eastern Socialist states exhibit similarities in both societal norms as well as architecture.

The work Utopia, inspired by Soviet architecture was produced at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in Saint Petersburg. The installation consists of 196 pieces of abstract objects, each with the same weight of 181g (0.39lb). Ono created 196 different objects each as a symbol of every country in the world. By making all the objects of equal weight, Ono recreates a world in which the power is equally distributed to all its constituents

The drawings of the series, Pavilion, as well as the porcelain series, Pan-City, are influenced by Brutalist architecture in the USA. By utilizing elements from both the East and the West, Ono attempts to create a place where spatial and temporal indicators are fused "nowhere".


  • Slag Gallery | Chelsea's Exhibitions 7

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