Entitled Ursuppe, the exhibition showcases the artist’s most recent works and a selection of earlier pieces, which highlight trajectories of Csörgő’s research into geometry, mechanics, and vision within abstract and everyday realms.

The exhibited photographs, objects, drawings, animation, and kinetic construction, playfully manipulate and poetically integrate laws of physics and geometry. Exploring alterations of space, the works Peeled Still Life IV/II and Peeled Space I, peel off three-dimensional objects to transfer them onto two-dimensional surfaces. The installation Vicious Cubes reverses this process and wittily evades correct construction of cubes, so as to give form to new three-dimensional entities.

Tracing transformations of form and space in temporal dimension, other works capture found or purposefully devised movements. Elevator Piece depicts the motion of employees among floors in an office building, the photographic series Collisions and Deviations records trajectories of falling steel balls, and in Ursuppe water is induced to rhythmic undulation. In variety of media, these works manifest hidden geometries of ordinary phenomena and their aesthetic qualities.

As a collection of objects, studies, and photographs, the exhibition Ursuppe thereby offers a wondrous insight into Csörgő’s artistic practice. Combining science with visual arts, it sets forth the often-unnoticed principles structuring our reality and proposes alternative conceptualizations of space and temporality.


  • Galerija Gregor Podnar's Exhibitions 7

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